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Popularity of the hCG diet for weight loss

Friday, June 12th, 2015

The weight loss program that works by cutting out the vast majority of your calories while combining the treatment of hCG by either taking it by mouth or by injection. Your average dieter who combines hCG with weight loss by cutting calories will typically lose 1 to 3 pounds in a day. The typical weight loss of the unwanted fat is the typical benefit when taking hCG. The relationship that one shares with food is generally changed once they begin taking the hCG supplement. For this reason, most people will experience a good amount of weight loss long term.

What exactly is hCG?

The term hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is the hormone that can be found in both women and men. The typical pregnant woman however will contain large amounts of this hormone. In a pregnancy, the hCG levels are what keeps the metabolic functions in place. For someone who is not pregnant however, the research will indicate that the increase in the metabolism is caused from this hormone. The high levels of the calories that are taken in the stored fats are then released into the body and become expelled or used. hcg-diet To make the fat cells avoid taking in more fats ad to keep the VLCD levels where they should be, some of your typical care products for personal use are avoided.

How much hCG is needed per day?

Someone who is on the low calorie diet and combining that diet with the levels of hCG will take a small amount daily. This level ranges from 125 IU to only 200 IU which will give you the average loss of weight of 2 pounds per day.

Why choose hCG for weight loss?

The high levels of obesity are on the rise and this quite serious medical problem has been one of the many reasons dieticians and alike are using hCG to help men and women lose weight. The individuals will be monitored closely by a licensed practitioner or physician to make sure that a good level is maintained while on the hCG diet. If someone suffers from other medical problems, the person may be monitored more closely. You will have to meet with the physician and dietician first hand to make sure that this diet is a good match for you and to make sure that you understand what the side effects are of participating in the hCG diet.