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How much RAM do you really Need?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

This is a very popular question, “How much RAM do I really need on my PC?” A lot of debates here and there, and after a long and lengthy discussion, people finally found the sweet spot, and that is 8GB of RAM.

ramNow, allow me to explain. But, before I go to the actual explanation, let me first tell you what RAM does. Random Access Memory or popularly known as RAM is your computer’s memory. Just think of this, RAM is your table, and each file or program are the papers. If you have lots of RAM, you have lots of space on your table. But, if you open a lot of programs, applications, games, browsers with a lot of tabs, and what have you, the table will be filled with paper.

Just think of that analogy and its implications. If you have lots of paper, your time and work will be compromised because you need more time to look for the papers that you need. It is just like that for the computer.

If you have lots and lots of programs open at the same time, it will take the computer a lot more time to open programs that you really need, especially if you let it dormant for a while when you’re opening new applications.

That being said, modern applications such as browsers, for example, are already RAM hogs. Chrome and Firefox are very notorious in this regard. Just load up at least 10 tabs, an ad-blocker, and three other extensions/ addons, and you will have a RAM intensive browser.

That’s right, that is how RAM hungry these browsers are. Couple that with gaming, and your computer will have a hard time reading through all this information. Remember, you need more RAM if you’re planning to open a lot of browser tabs while gaming at the same time.

That being said, let’s go back to the question of this article, “How much RAM do I really need?” As I’ve mentioned before, people have agreed that 8GB of RAM is the sweet spot. Why only 8GB, you ask? Considering RAM intensive apps such as games and browsers, people found that 8GB is the sweet spot because most of these apps barely reach that point.

Furthermore, with browser tabs and games open, people notice that it only consumes from 5-7GB of RAM. So, having 8GB will give you a headroom of 1 more GB of RAM for other applications.

Also, to add to this discussion, 2GB is the bare minimum for this day and age. 4GB being the minimum for simple workstations, and 8GB is the sweet spot for browsing while gaming at the same time. Of course, you could always opt for 16GB or even 64GB if you’re using applications such as autoCAD for example.

Also, when having more than 4GB of RAM, you need to have a 64-bit operating system installed on your computer, as the 32-bit OS is only limited to using only 4GB of RAM.

With all of that being said, I hope that this article cleared every confusion about how much RAM you need.