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Dragon Quest 8 Game for the Playstation 2

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

The Dragon Warrior series, now known as Dragon Quest, is one of the best RPG games of all time.

A lot of people love the Dragon Warrior games because of the fact that you have to grind your ass off to be really powerful in the game. It gives people a sense of accomplishment because of this.

In this article, I will talk about the Dragon Quest 8 Game for the Playstation 2. This is the very first Dragon Warrior game that dons the new naming scheme and this is also the first Dragon Quest game for the Playstation 2 game console.

The story revolves around the silent protagonist who is a royal guard. One day, the court jester of the Trodain Kingdom stole the king’s ancient scepter.

The court jester used the ancient scepter to turn the king into a troll, the princess Medea into a horse, and all of the inhabitants of the kingdom into plants.

It turns out that the court jester was actually Dhoulmagus, who will be one of the main antagonists in the game.

There was only one person who was not affected by the curse and that is the silent protagonist himself.

King Trode said to the Royal Guard (Hero) that he, along with the princess, will be going on a journey to retrieve the ancient scepter.

Along the way, they will meet up with other playable characters such as Yangus, a fat bandit who has a soft heart; Jessica, a mage who is on a quest for vengeance; and Angelo, a Templar knight who has amazing flirting skills.

During some time in their journey, Dhoulmagus controlled Jessica with the use of the scepter. Jessica fought with her party mates but King Trode was quick to point out that Jessica was probably possessed.

After defeating her, she snapped out of her possession and set that he saw a glimpse of Rhapthorne, the Lord of Darkness. She said that it was probably Rhapthorne who cursed the kingdom and not Dhoulmagus.

After receiving this news, the party head out to seek Dhoulmagus and the scepter only to find out that Dhoulmagus was able to summon Rhapthorne into the world.

With the help of the godbird Empyrea, the hero’s party successfully defeated Rhapthorne and everything went back to normal.

Dragon Quest 8 Game for the Playstation 2 is the first Dragon Quest game that has a full 3D environment. The characters and the enemies are cel-shaded in that they look somewhat like a mish-mash of both 2D and 3D graphics.

I actually love cel-shaded graphics as it looks cartoonish but also somewhat realistic at the same time.

The Dragon Quest 8 Game for the Playstation 2 still follows the same turn-based battle system and you will control the hero and 3 other party members in a single battle.

The game still follows the traditional first-person perspective, but once the characters’ start attacking or casting spells, the focus shifts to a third-person perspective to allow you to enjoy the characters in all their glory.

The Dragon Quest 8 Game for the Playstation 2 follows the essence of previous Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest games but gets a major graphical overhaul. If you are a big RPG fan, then definitely get a copy of this game for the Playstation 2 game console.