Nintendo is Set to Release a New Console This Year

Nintendo is under a new president and he has teased us that Nintendo is aiming to release a new gaming console this year.

As to what that console is going to be, he is mum about the nitty-gritty details. He did say that the upcoming console will be different than what they have now and that people are going to like this new console Acheter r4 3ds.

Nintendo hasn’t had great success with the Nintendo Wii U console, which probably prompted them to go back to the drawing board and create a new and more exciting gaming console.

The new President of Nintendo did not disclose a lot of specific information about the new gaming console, but he did tease us with the name of it. Should it be released this year, the upcoming gaming console will be named “Nintendo NX”.

Again, since there was no other information divulged to us, we do not know whether this new console would be a portable gaming console or a big console akin to their Nintendo Wii U.

Seeing the trend of Nintendo, they are always the first ones to release new innovation and put it into a gaming perspective.

For those of you who do not know, Nintendo was the first gaming company that popularized motion-sensor gaming.

In fact, their Nintendo Wii was the first gaming console that made use of the motion-sensor gaming and it now sold more than 100 million copies worldwide (although, it is important to note that the Nintendo Wii U didn’t enjoy the same success as its predecessor had).

Another thing the new president of Nintendo said is that this new gaming console will have an entirely new and exciting game controller. If you can remember, the Nintendo Wii U’s controller can act as the actual screen of the game, which makes you turn off your TV as you can play on the actual controller itself.

A lot of Nintendo fans are speculating that the Nintendo NX will be the first ever gaming system that will be a portable/console hybrid. I mean, if this gaming system is a “new concept”, then it will pretty much be the case. Still, we do not know until the system is finally released.

Speaking of the release, the new Nintendo President said to us that the gaming console will be released “sooner rather than later”. This could mean that the upcoming Nintendo Gaming console will be released sometime in 2016.

Since the entire Nintendo gaming company is mum about the exact details of their new console, what are you guys expecting about the new unit? Well, I am hoping for new and exciting games that will truly utilize the new controller.

Furthermore, I am hoping that the new gaming console will have a competitively new hardware. Sony and Microsoft’s PS4 and Xbox One now sport more than capable hardware that is able to play any 3D games out there. Hopefully this new Nintendo console will be able to surpass its rival’s gaming units.

So, what do you think the Nintendo NX will be?

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